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Yard Shunter & Banksman Training

We offer training for Yard Shunter and Banksman with RTITB accreditation, enhancing career prospects and ensuring smooth operations.

Gain Skills in Yard Shunting

In the logistics and transport sector, the role of a Yard Shunter is undeniably crucial. Their expertise ensures smooth transitions, safe vehicle movements, and efficient yard operations. At Viamaster Training, we’ve honed our Yard Shunter course to perfection, reflecting both our rich experience and stringent industry standards.

Why Viamaster for Yard Shunter Training?

  • Tailored Curriculum: Crafted with an in-depth understanding of Workplace Regulations 1992 & HSE Guidance, our course ensures that you’re not only skilled but also compliant with vital industry protocols.
  • Real-World Scenarios: Our training modules emulate real-world challenges, from multi-vehicle management to precise vehicle manoeuvres, ensuring you’re ready for any situation.
  • Safety First: Learn to navigate high-risk scenarios confidently, ensuring the safety of both personnel and assets.

Course Benefits:

  • Accredited Learning: Our RTITB Accreditation stands as a testament to the course’s excellence and relevance.
  • Empowerment: Equip yourself with both the knowledge and practical skills required to excel as a Yard Shunter in any environment.

Ready to harness the expertise required for efficient yard operations? Enroll Now in our Yard Shunter Course.

Banksman Courses at Viamaster Training

Commanding Safety in Vehicle Manoeuvres

A Banksman plays a pivotal role in ensuring vehicle safety, particularly during intricate reversing operations. Their expertise can mean the difference between seamless operation and potential mishaps. With Viamaster Training’s Banksman course, you’re set to master the nuances of this vital role, ensuring operations run smoothly and safely.

Why Opt for Viamaster Banksman Training?

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our course is intricately designed, adhering to Workplace Regulations 1992 & HSE Guidance, offering you both knowledge and compliance.
  • Focused Training: We delve deep into the responsibilities of a Banksman, especially during reversing operations in challenging environments.
  • Safety-Centric: Equip yourself to identify potential hazards and employ best practices to ensure safety at all times.

Course Benefits:

  • Industry-Recognized Certification: Our course is RTITB Accredited, ensuring that your training is both comprehensive and recognized.
  • Safety Leadership: Upon completion, you’ll be adept at ensuring safety in various scenarios, making you an invaluable asset to any operation.

Take the step towards becoming a safety beacon in vehicle operations. Start Your Journey with our Banksman Course today.

If you have queries or need further details, feel free to Contact Our Team. At Viamaster Training, your growth is our commitment.

Viamaster Training


Take a look below to read what our trainees and customers have said about working with us.

Robin Ogle
My thanks to everyone at Viamaster - but particularly John and Lizzi - who have been thoroughly professional and extremely supportive, enabling me to obtain my HGV licence. I would recommend this company to anyone who is interested in starting or furthering a career in logistics.
Steven Alban
10 Day Novice Instructor Training. I'm going to start with a massive thanks to Steve and his team for making myself and the other trainees so welcome. I personally was not looking forward to this course, having done this course over 10 years ago, the thought of lesson plans and power point presentation gave me sleepness nights. But from day 1 my thinking started to change. Steve's training techniques are second to none. In my opinion you will struggle to find a better instructor out there. Steve and his team built the confidence up on all of his trainees over the 10 days. And come the end of the course we all failed ? just kidding, it was a pass all round. The legends 100% record continues. Thank you to all at viamaster and best wishes to you all.
Morgan Starks
Did my training at castleford viamaster, with Phil as my trainer, immediately there was no pressure, I could chill out and have a laugh. However the high standard and completeness of the training was reassuring, so I always felt confident of passing with my trainer.
Mark Mitchell
I'm proud to share that I've successfully completed my RTITB instructor course. Viamaster trainer Steve demonstrated exceptional knowledge in the 2 week training course. If you're looking to upskill, then I fully recommend Viamaster in Castleford as your training partner of choice.
ryan stubbs
like to say went here for my training and couldn’t ask for a better bunch off people my trainer archie was excellent from start to finish he a credit to the company! thank you excellent work
Thomas Mcgee
Would highly recommend viamaster for your hgv training i recently passed my c+e through them Andy my trainer was fantastic and really helped me get through the test while my nerves were high put me at ease I am really greatfull for the patience he had with me fantastic trainer.
Spencer Faithfull
Dear to who is/are interested becoming a wearhouse driver/Lorry driver,I spent a week learning and and training in Class One HGV in December 2022 and another week doing forklift in February 2023. I passed both of the courses in a smooth and straight way.Viamaster did a perfect job and helped me to grain my licences and took good responsibility. My coach Richard (for Class One HGV) and Karl (for Forklift) are always calm whenever they are answering my questions and listen to me. Even with my deafness with implants.To me. Viamaster did brillant equal to 10/10. They do look after their customers and plans organiser. The environment of Viamaster is really the top of the class that everyone should go and learn to train any warehouse's and large size's vehicles in there. So clean in the area and plenty of good cups of hot chocolates.That's not all, a wonderful Lizzy who helped me with my bookings through emails and phone calls to make everything in sense of Viamaster's company. Once I passed, the full neat certificates and licence comes into my email and post in a good smooth time within three days.Really please about Viamaster. They are ace.With my regards, Spencer Faithfull
Andrew Finch
I recently passed my C+E with these guys and the experience was totally professional and enjoyable, with a structured and relaxed approach to training they totally put me at ease and gave me the knowledge and confidence needed to pass first time