DAF automatic training trucks join the training fleet

We’ve added 2 DAF LF Automatic Training Vehicles to our LGV C (Class 2) fleet. The 14 tonne automatic trucks branded in our eye catching “Viamaster Orange” livery are easy to drive and help make learning to drive and pass your LGV C test far easier, less tiring and less stressful. And remember, due to DVSA Driving Test changes if you pass your LGV test in an automatic truck you now “automatically” get a full manual and automatic licence.

For those who still want to take the manual route to their LGV C licence, we’ve also replaced our well known Volvo FM with its challenging 4 over 4 gearbox, with a DAF CF straight forward 6 speed manual gearbox. This has also been made possible due to DVSA Driving Test changes. Yet more examples of Viamaster Training making learning to drive and pass your LGV C test as easy as possible, whichever route you choose.

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