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Introduction to LGV C+E Articulated (Class 1) For Novice with LGV C

Welcome to our comprehensive LGV C+E Articulated License training program. Passionate about driving and ready for the challenge of handling powerful articulated vehicles? Our expert trainers are here to guide you every step of the way, opening doors to a rewarding career.

LGV C+E Articulated (Class 1) For Novice with LGV C – Driving Only

(20 Hours – 4 Hours Per Day) Includes Test 3a & 3b


Dates throughout the year: In Centre or Customer Premises
Duration: 5.5 days
Price: £1,450+VAT + £155 DVSA test fees
Qualification: LGV C Licence and your Driver CPC Card.

Designed for:

  • For Novice Drivers who have recently passed their LGV C or have little or no regular experience of driving LGV. Ideal for newly qualified LGV C Drivers who want to upgrade their licence.
Cost (Training at Our Premises)

£1,450+VAT per Person

  • An LGV C+E Articulated License allows you to operate Class 1 vehicles, including tractor-trailer combinations, efficiently and safely across the country. Experience the thrill of mastering these impressive vehicles and becoming a vital part of the logistics industry.

    At Viamaster Training Centre, we’re committed to providing top-notch training, preparing you thoroughly for the LGV C+E Articulated License test. With our experienced instructors, well-equipped facilities, and modern training vehicles, your learning journey is realistic and safe.

    Obtaining an LGV C+E Articulated License unlocks numerous benefits, including access to diverse career opportunities in distribution, haulage, logistics, and freight transportation. Enjoy competitive salaries, attractive remuneration packages, and potential bonuses as an LGV C+E driver.

    • Extensive theoretical training: Gain in-depth knowledge of vehicle operation, road safety regulations, and the specific requirements for handling articulated vehicles.
    • Practical skills development: Acquire hands-on experience in manoeuvring, reversing, and coupling/uncoupling trailers through on-road training and realistic simulations.
    • Hazard perception and safety training: Learn to identify potential risks on the road and develop defensive driving techniques to ensure the safety of yourself and others.
  • If you are a novice driver who has recently obtained an LGV C license or have limited experience in driving LGVs, this training is perfect for you. It’s especially beneficial for newly qualified LGV C drivers looking to enhance their qualifications. Acquiring an LGV C+E Articulated License isn’t just about getting a license; it signifies a commitment to excellence. This license equips you with the expertise to confidently operate tractor-trailer combinations, ensuring the secure and efficient transport of goods nationwide. It opens various career opportunities in sectors like distribution, haulage, logistics, and freight transport. Our training program prepares participants to become professional HGV C+E drivers, meeting industry and DVSA standards. With the UK facing a significant driver shortage, our program plays a crucial role in maintaining the logistics sector.

    • Proficient theoretical knowledge and practical skills for driving Category CE vehicles.
    • A firm grasp of road safety and hazard management.
    • Confidence in adhering to DVSA standards.
    • A clear path to a lucrative career in HGV driving, with earning potentials of over £40k per annum, contingent on job specifics.
  • Connect: Initiate your ADR journey by calling Viamaster Training at 0113 307 6575, dropping us an email at, or completing the online form.

    Secure Your Spot: Once all prerequisites are satisfied, finalise your enrolment by processing the payment.

    • Expertise: Leverage insights from our expert instructors, each bringing their industry experience to each lesson.
    • Accreditations: Our status as an SQA Accredited Centre ensures training meets industry benchmarks.
    • Adaptable Learning: With myriad durations and modules up for grabs, our course aligns with your unique needs.
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