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Introduction to Emergency First Aid Training

Are you ensuring the safety and well-being of your team in the event of an emergency? Fulfilling your Health and Safety obligations is not just about preventing accidents but also about being prepared to respond effectively when they occur. The first step in this direction is to have a reliable Emergency First Aid Training provider.

We take pride in offering an intensive Emergency First Aid Training course that prepares your staff to act swiftly and judiciously in emergency situations. Our expert trainers, with substantial industry experience, facilitate a program that imparts the necessary skills and confidence to handle critical first-aid scenarios, potentially saving lives and reducing the severity of injuries.

Emergency First Aid

Location: Customer Premises
Duration: 1 day
Designed For and Includes: 

  • For staff members who seek emergency first aid qualification for Health and Safety compliance but not the full training.
  • First Aid Training for Emergency First Aid First on Scene Certificated Course.
Cost (Training at Your Premises)

£187.5+VAT per Person

  • Course Outline

    • Introduction to First Aid
      • Definition and importance
      • The critical role of a first aider
    • Legislations
      • Understanding legal requirements
      • Compliance with health and safety regulations
    • Responsibilities of a First Aider
      • Duty and scope of a first aider
      • Ethical considerations in first aid
    • Actions in an Emergency
      • Assessing emergency situations
      • Quick and appropriate responses to emergencies
    • Primary Survey
      • Conducting an initial assessment
      • Identifying life-threatening conditions
    • Secondary Assessment
      • Detailed evaluation of the victim
      • Gathering essential information for medical assistance
    • Understanding the Respiratory System
      • Anatomy of the respiratory system
      • Common respiratory problems
    • Resuscitation and AED
      • CPR techniques
      • Using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
    • Disorders of Respiration
      • Recognising and managing respiratory disorders
      • Providing immediate care
    • Disorders of Circulation
      • Understanding circulation issues
      • Managing circulation disorders effectively
    • Wounds and Bleeding
      • Managing different types of wounds
      • Controlling bleeding effectively
    • Seizures
      • Recognising and handling seizures
      • Safety procedures for seizure incidents
    • Minor Burns and Scalds
      • Treating burns and scalds
      • Preventing infection
    • Foreign Objects
      • Managing incidents with foreign objects
      • Safety procedures
    • Course Closure
      • Recap of the vital learnings
      • Award of Certification
  • This EFAW Course is ideal for individuals who need basic first-aid skills in their job roles. Whether you’re an employer ensuring a safe working environment or an individual eager to acquire life-saving capabilities, this course is tailored to meet your needs.

  • What skills or qualifications do you get from Emergency First Aid Training?

    By successfully completing this EFAW Course, you’ll receive a nationally recognised first aid certification. You’ll also gain the confidence to respond effectively to emergency situations. Together, we can create safer workplaces and communities, one trained individual at a time.

    For inquiries or to enrol in our Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) Course, please contact us. Your safety is our priority, and we look forward to helping you become a proficient First Aider.

  • Connect: Initiate your ADR journey by calling Viamaster Training at 0113 307 6575, dropping us an email at, or completing the online form.

    Secure Your Spot: Once all prerequisites are satisfied, finalise your enrolment by processing the payment.

    • Expertise: Leverage insights from our expert instructors, each bringing their industry experience to each lesson.
    • Accreditations: Our status as an SQA Accredited Centre ensures training meets industry benchmarks.
    • Adaptable Learning: With myriad durations and modules up for grabs, our course aligns with your unique needs.
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