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Introduction to Driver Assessments and Development Courses

At Viamaster Training, we offer driver assessments and driver development sessions to businesses to assess all aspects of compliance, safety and customer care aspects.

Duration for this course can range from a 1 hour driving assessment with feedback at the end, to a full day 1 to 1 LGV driver assessment & development ‘on the job’ where all aspects of the drivers role are assessed and developed covering compliance, safety and customer care aspects.

Driver Assessments and Development

Our assessment report uses a ‘traffic light’ system of assessment which categorises each area of the drive into: 

  • Green: Competent
  • Amber: Minor Issues Addressed During the Assessment
  • Red: Serious or Dangerous Driving (Action Plan Required – Discuss with Manager)

Our friendly and highly qualified training team is registered and approved by DSA and RTITB.

Cost (May depend on business needs)

£100+VAT per Person

  • Individual Driver Assessments

    Post Accident or Pre Employment

    Duration: Depending on the business needs
    Designed for: Post Accident or Pre Employment assessment or development.


    Cost (Training at Our Premises)

    £100+VAT per Operator



    6 Driver Assessments or 2 Driver Developments

    Per Full Day

    Duration: 1 day

    Designed for: Detailed assessment and full development for employment.


    Cost (Training at Our Premises)




    3 Driver Assessments or 1 Driver Development

    Per Half Day

    Designed for: Detailed assessment and some development for employment.


    Cost (Training at Our Premises)



    • The course includes a comprehensive driver assessment that evaluates driving skills, knowledge of road safety regulations, and compliance with company policies.
    • The results of the assessment are used to create a development plan for the driver that addresses any identified areas for improvement.
    • The course also includes on-road coaching and classroom training that covers topics such as fuel-efficient driving, defensive driving techniques, and safe and legal vehicle operations.

    This course is designed for companies that want to improve the safety, efficiency, and compliance of their drivers. It is suitable for drivers of all levels of experience, from new hires to seasoned professionals.

  • This course is designed to help companies assess and develop their drivers to improve safety, efficiency, and compliance. The course is tailored to the specific needs of each company and driver.

  • Connect: Initiate your ADR journey by calling Viamaster Training at 0113 307 6575, dropping us an email at, or completing the online form.

    Secure Your Spot: Once all prerequisites are satisfied, finalise your enrolment by processing the payment.

    • Expertise: Leverage insights from our expert instructors, each bringing their industry experience to each lesson.
    • Accreditations: Our status as an SQA Accredited Centre ensures training meets industry benchmarks.
    • Adaptable Learning: With myriad durations and modules up for grabs, our course aligns with your unique needs.
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