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If you are in the business of packaging, loading and transporting dangerous goods then you will require compliance with ADR Dangerous Goods Regulations with training from Viamaster Training’s experts you could achieve the necessary qualification through SQA Dangerous Goods Examinations with ease. 

Ensure you are compliant with ADR Dangerous Goods Regulations with our help!

Transport Operators and Consignors engaged in transporting, packing, filling, loading, or unloading dangerous goods must meet the requirements. This entails either appointing a certified Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) or enlisting the expertise of a qualified DGSA Consultancy. In the UK, the esteemed SQA Dangerous Goods Examinations offer the necessary qualification to become a DGSA. To arrange for DGSA services or obtain further information, contact Viamaster Training today, where our knowledgeable team will assist you in navigating the complexities of ADR Dangerous Goods Regulations.


Discover our comprehensive Road Transport DGSA courses, designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the field of Dangerous Goods Transportation. With a duration of 5 days, our courses are thoughtfully structured to align with the SQA National Examinations, preparing you for success. Led by our highly experienced DGSA trainers, who boasts extensive operational expertise in the industry, you can trust in the quality and relevance of the training you will receive at Viamaster.

Courses are delivered in small groups to allow the student to gain the maximum individual support from the trainer. Examinations are held at SQA Regional Examination Centres and must be booked by the student.

The course covers the full syllabus of DGSA Road Transport Operations and includes the relevant study materials and ADR manuals.



Prices from £795+VAT per Day

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) Role
  • General Principles of Dangerous Goods Transport
  • Risk Assessment and Emergency Procedures
  • Operational Procedures and Controls
  • Environmental Protection and Waste Management 
  • Security Measures for Dangerous Goods Transport
  • Documentation, Reporting, and Audit Procedures

Study Materials and ADR Manuals:

  • Comprehensive course materials covering the full syllabus
  • ADR (European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) manuals for reference
  • Access to relevant legislation and regulatory guidelines

The course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and skills required to become a proficient Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) in road transport operations. Successful completion of the course and passing the associated examination will lead to SQA accreditation.

Viamaster Training

Our Prices

Explore the range of Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) courses we have available:

Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA)

Includes Manuals – Does Not Include Exam Fees

Duration: 5 days
Qualification: SQA Accredited
Includes Manuals: ADR Manuals & Study Materials
Designed for:

  • This course is designed for individuals who wish to become qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors.
  • We provide instructions on the responsibilities and regulations related to the transportation of dangerous goods, ensuring participants are equipped to provide expert advice and maintain compliance.


Notice: Examinations are held at SQA Regional Examination Centres and must be booked by the student.

Cost (Training at Our Premises)

£795+VAT per Operator

DGSA Refresher Course

Includes Manuals – Does Not Include Exam Fees

Duration: 1 day
Qualification: SQA Accredited
Includes Manuals: ADR Manuals & Study Materials
Designed for:

  • DGSA refresher course ensures that DGSAs are aware of the latest industry practices, regulatory requirements, and safety protocols.
  • Allowing advisers to continue fulfilling their role effectively and ensuring the safe transport of dangerous goods.
Cost (Training at Our Premises)

£150 + VAT per Operator (Day rate)

Viamaster Training

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