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Introduction to Car & Trailer B + E Training Course (4 hours)

At Viamaster Training, we have a number of courses available for Car and Trailer drivers whether you are a novice or you just want familiarisation training. See how the experts at Viamaster Training can support you in achieving the qualifications you need to operate vehicles like trailers in the transport and logistics industry.

There is no need to complete a driving test as the Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency (DVSA) changed this in 2021 which means the B+E category is automatically added to your licence, however everyone is encouraged to complete some training before towing for the first time to ensure safety on the road.

Please review the government guidance for more support to ensure you are towing legally:

Car & Trailer B+E 4 Hours

Awareness Course


Location: Training Centre
Duration: 0.5 days
Price: £250+VAT per Driver (test included)

Designed for:

  • Drivers with licences B and E who would like to professional transport trailers or luxury homes.
Cost (Training at Our Premises)

£250+VAT per Person

  • The Car & Trailer B + E Training is meticulously crafted for both beginners and experienced drivers aiming to obtain or refine their B + E driving licence category skills. In a world where road safety and proficiency are paramount, this 4-hour training becomes essential, especially when the DVSA strongly recommends training even without a test.


    Key Benefits:

    • Familiarise yourself with UK trailer towing regulations.
    • Improve driving skills to handle trailers with ease.
    • Open doors to new driving opportunities and responsibilities.
    • Achieve heightened awareness of road safety whilst towing.
    • Understand how to reverse safely with a trailer.
    • Learn effective coupling and uncoupling techniques.



    Duration: 4 Hours (Can be completed in a block week or over time)
    Mode of Delivery: Practical on-road training sessions, and dedicated classroom sessions for face-to-face learning.
    Prerequisites: A valid UK driving licence

  • The Car & Trailer B + E Training is meticulously crafted for both beginners and experienced drivers aiming to obtain or refine their B + E driving licence category skills.

    • Understanding Trailer Towing Regulations – Equip yourself with knowledge for safe towing as per DVSA guidelines.
    • Hands-On Trailer Driving Techniques – Master the skill of handling a vehicle with a trailer attached.
    • Focus on on-road training for real-world experience.
    • Reversing Training – Learn the precise techniques for safe and efficient reversing.
    • Safe Loading & Weight Distribution – Dive deep into how balanced loads affect driving dynamics.
    • Emergency Handling & Brake Procedures – Prepare yourself for unexpected scenarios whilst towing.
    • Coupling and Uncoupling –Master the vital steps and checks for safely attaching and detaching trailers.
    • Vehicle and Trailer Preparation – Understand the crucial pre-journey checks to ensure safe towing.

    Upon completion, participants will:

    • Understand and adhere to DVSA’s recommended towing regulations.
    • Handle and reverse trailers with increased confidence.
    • Effectively couple and uncouple trailers.
    • Be prepared for any towing emergencies.
  • Connect: Initiate your ADR journey by calling Viamaster Training at 0113 307 6575, dropping us an email at, or completing the online form.

    Secure Your Spot: Once all prerequisites are satisfied, finalise your enrolment by processing the payment.

    • Expertise: Leverage insights from our expert instructors, each bringing their industry experience to each lesson.
    • Accreditations: Our status as an SQA Accredited Centre ensures training meets industry benchmarks.
    • Adaptable Learning: With myriad durations and modules up for grabs, our course aligns with your unique needs.
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